How to Choose a Cheap WordPress Hosting Provider

There are plenty of companies out there offering WordPress hosting, and all claim to be great. To find the solution that provides the features you want at the price you need, you’ll have to do a little research. This should include looking at the hosts’ websites and reading what others are saying around the internet.

What the host says?

This seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? But what are you looking for? First, get a feel for how the site is organized and how it looks. If it looks like something that was slapped together with a free site builder or it’s hard to navigate, you may want to move on. Next, look at the features that are offered in their hosting plans.

You can find a list of important features for cheap WordPress hosting  in this post. Select a plan that meets your needs and determine the pricing. Pricing should be prominently displayed without having to enter any of your contact information. As you look at the pricing, notice whether a long-term contract is required or if a discount is offered for pre-payment.

What others say?

We’re not just talking about reviews that may be on the website of the hosting provider. Search the internet for comments, posts, articles, or reviews of the company and their service. If you want to avoid some of the spammy review sites do your Google search for “XYZ hoster problems” instead of “XYZ hoster reviews” (where XYZ hoster is the name of the hosting company, you want to check out.) This will help you find the issues that other customers have encountered.

Some of the problems won’t apply to you or be that big of a deal; some may be red flags for you. Remember the adage “You can’t please everybody.” This is true of all hosting providers too – you won’t find one that has a 100% customer satisfaction rate or zero problems. In other words, don’t let one (or even a few) bad reviews turn you off.  Instead look for a pattern or a majority – if the vast majority of what you read is pretty favorable and there a couple of grumblers, it’s probably a good bet.

For a completely independent perspective, check out what the Better Business Bureau has to say about the company by going to and typing in the company name. As you scroll down the page, you’ll notice the grade the BBB has awarded the company, and if they are accredited, an icon indicating this. A little further down you can see the number of complaints that have been filed, by category. The more customers a company has, the higher the number of complaints is likely to be.

In determining the grade, the BBB takes into account many factors, including how the company handles complaints against them. In other words, are they able to ultimately satisfy the customer?